Armthorpe Neighbourhood Plan

The principle of new housing for Armthorpe is clearly laid out in the emerging Armthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan.

O&H Properties is fully supportive of the Plan and is committed to its aspirations.  In addition to providing the necessary housing, we are also delighted to have the means to deliver on the Plan’s priorities for green spaces, sustainability, access and education.

Metropolitan District of Doncaster’s Local Plan

Doncaster’s Local Plan is currently being produced.  The development proposals comply with both existing and anticipated future planning policy.

The planning timetable

The process of the planning application is dependent upon the completion of the Armthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan.  This is currently under review by an Independent Examiner but the process has been temporarily halted.  We hope that this will commence in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, O&H Properties is submitting its outline planning application.  Find out how you can become involved in this process.

Land off Hatfield Lane

O&H Properties is working closely with, Lazarus Properties, the company intending to develop land to the east of Hatfield Lane (which is also recognised as a growth area within the Armthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan).  Our intended provision of land for a primary school can help to ensure that the educational needs of both sites are met both now and for the foreseeable future. The green wedge within our proposals has been designed to work with a similar commitment to a green wedge within the application for Land off Hatfield Lane.

Image showing Land West of Hatfield Lane in relation to Land East of Hatfield Lane

Ongoing consultation with local residents

We encourage local residents to become involved in the process by getting in touch with Armthorpe Parish Council or Doncaster Metropolitan Council regarding our outline planning application when this is submitted.