O&H Properties recognises the role that this site plays in establishing a gateway to Armthorpe village – and as such the opportunity to provide and attractive first impression.

We are also conscious that the proposed development can enhance the setting of the village:  the green wedge can help retain a rural character while also providing a permanent buffer between the A630 and the homes.

Our proposals also recognise the priorities of existing residential properties on Fernbank Drive and Holly Dene – for example, providing substantial planting at the boundary to maintain a ‘green’ outlook, while also creating new access routes to the green wedge beyond.

Additional information can be found in the Design and Access Statement which forms part of our planning application.

 Quality, security, vitality and sustainability are all key characteristics of the proposed new development:

  • Quality of homes, of public spaces, and quality of life through ecological benefits and sustainable initiatives
  • Security through careful planning and a strong emphasis on community
  • Vitality though new public spaces, water features, opportunities for leisure and provision for walking and cycling – linking to local facilities and public transport services
  • Sustainability through new planting, sustainable drainage, provision for walkers and cyclists and a number of ecological features such as bat boxes and bird houses could be included.