Covering almost half of the site (nearly 12 hectares), a ‘green wedge’ will run from east to the west across the northern edge of the development.  This substantial public amenity will retain many of the existing trees and hedges and will also involve significant new planting in keeping with the local area.  It will feature streams and ponds which will be part of a sustainable urban drainage system which will inspire a network of footpaths and cycle paths thorough the scheme, benefitting access across the site.

The green wedge will also include a site for formal open space and substantial playing fields for the primary school.  Children’s play areas, seating and perhaps a ‘trim trail’ are all options which we believe would complete the landscaped areas.

We hope to agree with the Council that a management plan will be put in place to ensure that the green spaces and other areas of the scheme are maintained to a high standard.  The open space could also be adopted by a management body such as the Parish Council – something we hope to discuss this in the future.