The Land West of Hatfield Lane, which totals approximately 25 hectares, lies to the north of Armthorpe.  The site is bound to the north by the A630 West Moor Link, to the east by Hatfield Lane, to the south by Fernbank Drive / Holly Dene and to the west by Mere Lane.

The land is wholly owned by O&H Properties.

Due to a growing need for housing in the area, some land currently used for farming will, over the next five years, incur a change of use.  This site is among the most suitable because of its excellent access (both by road and by public transport) and its potential to provide a new green wedge to the north of Armthorpe which could contain a range of types of open space for community use.

The development of Armthorpe to the north of the village at Land West of Hatfield Lane is supported by the draft Armthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan.  We urge local residents to use this website to consider O&H Properties’ proposal and, if you support it, pass on your views to the Parish Council or direct to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.