O&H Properties is committed to sustainability both during construction and beyond. At Armthorpe, our attention to sustainability is wide-ranging:


We are committed to allocating almost half of the site as open space, developing natural amenities.  It is anticipated that the green wedge will provide extensive foot and cycle paths, contributing to healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Playing fields

The new school will have playing fields, and other sports pitches may be included in the final plans.


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems take the form of lakes, ponds and pools, to mitigate any flooding risk while also providing an attractive amenity.


We will retain many mature trees and hedgerows while also replacing any trees which may be removed to enable the development.  We currently anticipate that only very few trees will be removed, where this is necessary to provide a new access point to the site.  Our intention is that when the development is complete, there will be a far greater number of trees on site than there are today.

Methods of transport

The site is already suited to sustainable transport due to its close proximity to both bus routes and local services (including at Church Street and Armthorpe Academy).  The school site will be accessible by sustainable forms of transport such as walking and cycling which will reduce the need for children in surrounding properties to be driven to school.

Sustainable construction

With our development partners, we have substantial experience of using sustainable building techniques and developing properties which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide high standards of insulation.  We comply fully with UK Building Regulations standards and the aspirations laid out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Reduction of waste

Both during construction and over the life of the development, methods and materials which result in minimum waste and reduce the need to transport materials on and off site will be prioritised


An Ecology Assessment has been submitted with the outline planning application.  This assessment confirms that:

  • There are no statutory designations of nature conservation value within the site or immediately adjacent to it
  • The site is not subject to non-statutory designation
  • The proposed green wedge offers an opportunity to significantly enhance the nature conservation value of the site
  • A mosaic of connecting habitats supporting a diverse range of native species can be established

A management strategy should aim to:

  • Protect and enhance the biodiversity of existing habitats and ecology
  • Improve the ecological value of the site and strengthen existing habitats
  • Support the viability of species by linking with wildlife corridors
  • Select appropriate locally occurring native trees and shrubs

Water resources

We anticipate that measures will be introduced to reduce water consumption. This can be achieved through the use of water efficient fittings such as delayed inlet valves and flow restrictors, and water efficient appliances such as low flush WCs. This strategy will provide wider benefits to the local area by reducing water use per household, while also ensuring that water resources are capable of accommodating demand.

Resourcing and procurement

O&H Properties will approach the use of development resources carefully and safely. This will include:

  • Effective and efficient management of resources
  • Minimal waste to landfill
  • Waste segregation, reuse and recycling
  • Sustainably sourced and managed materials

This being a greenfield site, hazardous waste is not a problem which will be encountered.